Chinese Language courses for kids 儿童汉语课程

Chinese Language courses for kids 儿童汉语课程

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Chinese Language courses for kids

1. Chinese Paradise ( level 1-3)

This series of textbooks introduces Chinese to young children with colorful illustrations, conversations, rhymes, songs, fun activities, and more. While learning the Chinese language, children can also learn about Chinese culture, folk songs, handicrafts, and games. Combining Chinese rudimentary knowledge with Chinese Culture, it has a rich, interesting content. They make learning Chinese fun!

This three level series with textbooks and workbooks. Each level consists of 6 units with 12 lessons, and each lesson teaches one or two Chinese characters, about ten new words and a basic sentence pattern. After competing learning of the three levels, students are expected to master 50 Chinese characters and 300 new words, speak simple sentences, recite some Chinese nursery rhymes and poems, and sing some Chinese children's songs.

2. Chinese Reading and Literacy course
How to expand your child’s vocabulary for Chinese language?
How to improve your child’s reading skills for Chinese language?
How to build a good foundation for your child’s writing skills for Chinese Language?
The ANSWER is Chinese Reading and Literacy course, is specifically designed for kids. Through Chinese children’s songs, poems, idioms and etc. can carry out targeted teaching and practices regarding individual needs for every kid. Focusing on phonetic spelling, word recognition, reading &writing, reading comprehension and other aspects of training. Kids can effectively enhance the overall level of Chinese Language skills. To ensure the effectiveness of the course each class will carry out maximum 4 kids. The classes will be for one hour session on Saturday afternoon based on the Chinese School academic year 2016- 2017.

《阅读与识字》 课程

如何扩展孩子的中文词汇量? 如何提高孩子的中文语言组织表达能力?

如何为孩子的中文写作奠定良好的基础? 阅读!阅读!还是阅读!

《阅读与识字》 课程是特别针对华裔学生设计,内容包括儿歌、诗词、成语故事等等。针对孩子不同情况进行有针对性的教学与练习:拼音拼读、汉字与词语的认读书写、阅读理解、朗诵技巧等方面的训练,可以有效的提升孩子整体的中文水平,并将为孩子中文写作奠定良好的基础。为确保学生学习效果,此课程采用小班制,每班四人。塞浦路斯中文学校2016-2017学年注册学生,可享受50%学费优惠。