English 英语

English 英语

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English course  英语课程



少儿英语班A: 7-8岁/ 少儿英语班B: 9-10 岁/ 少儿英语班C:11-12岁/ 少儿英语班D: 12-113岁 

中学英语A:13-14  / 中学英语B: 14-15

成人班: 初级 / 中级 / 高级


The Cyprus-China Art, Culture and Education Center offer English classes for all ages and levels. Our aim is to offer to our students the opportunity to ‘live’ English in a natural, fun and meaningful context, where the language comes alive. For the classes we will use Burlington Books, which was the first publisher to specialize in English textbooks. They well-established as a leading publisher of materials for all levels from Pre-Junior to Proficiency level classes. A wide range of supplementary materials, graded readers, grammar and summer books are available.

The classes will be according to the child’s age and level:
Pre-Junior A: For children 4-5/ Pre-Junior B: For children 6-8
Junior A: For children 9-10/ Junior B: For children 11-12
Junior C: For children 13-14 / Junior D: For children 15-16

Adults :For all ages
*For Proficiency English classes and Exams for all levels, arrangements can be done via the Center.

Teacher profile: 
Elsa Yiangou studied English Language and Literature at the European University of Cyprus and did her Master degree of Arts in Holland at the VrijeUniversiteit van Amsterdam on English Language and Culture. She has worked with children and adults in Cyprus and abroad.