Expressive Arts Painting & Drawing course 艺术绘画课程

Expressive Arts Painting & Drawing course 艺术绘画课程

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一、基础绘画课程: 1.基础绘画知识[了解绘画材料,种类,绘画从构图到深入] 2.铅笔与炭笔画[培养孩子基本的造型能力]3. 中国工笔画,水墨画,山水花鸟画鉴赏[了解中国绘画艺术,培养孩子绘画兴趣]4.油画  5.水彩画  6. 插画 

二、绘画艺术拓展课程:1. 手工制作与设计  2. 世界艺术作品赏析  3. 陶艺制作 4. 版画创作[涉及多种艺术形式,培养孩子绘画艺术兴趣,拓展孩子艺术创作思维。]



Expressive Arts Painting & Drawing course

Unlike traditional art expression, the process of CREATION is emphasized rather than the final product. The kids will explore the Chinese Culture through themes like: Chinese Fairy tale, Art & Creativity, ink, watercolor and oil painting, Games and many more...!
Part A: 1. Basic knowledge of painting (learn painting and drawing material). 2. Pencil and Charcoal (learn the basic modeling structure).3. Chinese Painting, ink Painting, bird and landscape appreciation (learn Chinese Art and Painting technique, cultivate children's interest in painting). 4. Oil Painting. 5. Watercolor painting.6.Illustration.
Part B: 1.Art and Design Handcraft.2.Arts Appreciation. 3. Pottery.4. Printmaking (involves a variety of art forms thatcultivate children's interest in the art of painting and expand children’s artistic thinking).

Teachers Profile: 
Li Lingli, graduated from the Henan Normal University, studied art & painting and has a rich teaching experience for children's programs.
Joanna Kalogirou, graduated from School of Fine Arts, studied Discipleship in E Painting, Art History,Theory and History of Architecture, Pedagogy, Philosophy&Psychoanalytic approaches in Art and Psychoanalysis.